The Gear I'm Packing for NYFW


Nina Ricci PFW



I am so excited to announce that I will be going to NYFW this season! So much work goes into a fashion show, it's amazing to see everything come together on the runway. 

Although I love Fashion Week, it's always incredibly stressful because of how fast paced it is, especially  NYFW. When you’re going to back to back shows, the last thing you need is to carry a ton of stuff with you. During my first Fashion Week, I thought I needed a ton of stuff and ended up packing into my backpack a 70-200mm lens, 13” laptop, 35mm, extra batteries and more. Needless to say, I've learned my lesson.

The more versatile, the better.


Last year amongst a sea of guys at the Lacoste show with all my gear at my feet 



Here is a breakdown of the gear I'M PACKING for nyfw & why:



After attending so many shows for RTW and Couture Week last year, there are 3 things I keep in mind remember when packing for Fashion Week:







1. Extra Battery & Battery ChargerAlways charge your battery the night before & have at least 1 extra battery on you.

2. 1Tb Seagate Harddrive- I back up all my photos every night with the date & show labeled so I don't lose any files. 

3. Extra Batteries

4. Drawstring pouch to hold batteries, battery, charger, etc. 

5. 50mm- Rather than lugging around the 70-200mm for the bokeh shots, my little 50mm lens is enough to get the job done.

6. SD Cards - I have a 32GB and 16GB SD card. Always try to pack SD Cards that have a lot of memory, as you may not always have the luxury of backing up your images until the end of the day.

7. Flash - Having a portable flash with you is always a good idea, because you never know what shots you might need to get. And always bring extra batteries. I like to put it on triggers and use it as an off camera flash. 

8. Hard Case- Get a hard case for your harddrive! If you're like me and constantly editing on the go and bringing your hard drive with you everywhere, it's super easy to damage your drive and the disks inside. I had to learn the hard way when  my hard drive stopped working at NYFW and I almost lost a year's worth of work. I had to go to a repair shop in NY to get it fixed .. the most nerve-wracking day of my life! 

9. Iphone Charger Cord

10. Anker External Battery - I swear by this product. It has such a good battery life and charges really fast. 

11. 13” Macbook Pro- Life. Specs: 8gb Memory, 2.4 ghz.

12. Reflector - This reflector is the best. It has a handle which makes it really easy to hold and it’s also small enough to be super portable.

Not Pictured** 

1. Canon 6D - I love this camera because the specs are comparable to a 5D mkIII with half the weight. It also has a good sensor and high ISO which is perfect for none flash situations.

2. 24-105mm  - My go to lens for Fashion Week used to be a 70-200mm, but I quickly learned that it wasn’t a very practical lens to carry around all day. Not only did it limit me to really tight shots on the runway, it was also incredible heavy. I like the 24-105mm because it gives me good range,while being half the weight. 





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