A Day in the Life of


On Set


11am- Call time


This Monday I had a 4-hour lookbook shoot with my friends at Lulumari. We had an 11am call time so I showed up at 10:30am to set up the lighting and backdrop.

The best thing I learned in photography school is to visualize your shoot before it happens. That way, when the day comes, you already know everything that's going to happen and you're super prepared. Prior to the shoot, I had already called the studio to find out what equipment they had so I knew what my lighting set up was going to be like beforehand. 

Tip: Always shoot tethered in studio. 


I love being on set, it's a short time period where people come together to produce something beautiful and amazing. I love how strangers can come together and by the shoot we all end up becoming friends.  

When I'm on set, I like to dress simply and comfortably. It's important to dress cute but at the same time, you're there to work. So I try to be conscientious of that and find a happy balance. Usually on set I like to wear comfortable jeans and shoes because more often than not, I end up squatting on the floor to get the shot, so I need to be mobile. Wearing a watch is also really helpful on set because instead of taking out my phone, I can just look down at my wrist to see how good I am on time. When it comes to shooting lookbooks, you really need to make sure you're good at budgeting time out so you can get all the looks done. 


Off Set

9am - Breakfast & Work

This is my favorite part of being a freelancer. There's something about being in a coffeeshop tapping on your laptop.  I like to wake up early and work out of a coffee shop because it really forces me to be productive. 


I've gotten into the habit of scheduling my shoots out so that I have a few days in between to edit. Time management was (and still is) something I have to work really hard at because naturally as an artist, I just want to loaf around until inspiration hits. But surprisingly, creating time slots where I know I have to be creative has actually been a good way to make sure I stay productive and get everything done. I've been very vigilant in using Asana to help me stay on track of all my tasks. Since I am a visual person, it helps me to see all the things I have to do in a checklist form.


On no-shoot days, I tend to dress a little dressier (or bummier, depending on if I'm going out that day), but I still like to keep it pretty simple. I'm not really an accessory person so that's why I like something versatile like my Daniel Wellington watch, that I can wear on and off shoots. 


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Look 1: 

Black Long-Sleeve 

Just Black Denim Jeans

Red Lace-up Ballet Flats 

Daniel Wellington Watch & Cuff


Look 2: 

Pull & Bear Striped Button Up 

Embellamy Leather backpack

Pointed Suede Lace Flats 

Daniel Wellington Watch & Cuff