Rainy Day Tracks


Contemplation of a rare rainy day in LA


I love rain. As a kid I loved rain because it meant no P.E. As an artist, I love rain because it means interesting macro shots. (Plus tea & staying in bed.) 

Because I work in the industry, I'm trained to synthesize information in an SEO friendly way. 3 ways to do your hair, 5 products to get younger skin, etc. But I forget that I had created this space as a means to escape that, even if it's momentarily. 

Today's rain reminded me that I want to share more than just my beauty or photography tips. I want to share the way I see the world with you all. I want to share my art with you guys.

Rain stops reality and makes my world slower. 

Sharing with you all my rainy day tracks.

Hope you guys slow down and enjoy this moment.