NYFW W'17: Maybelline, Adriana Lima, A Big Snow Day and more!


Day 2:

Shoot with Marianna Hewitt

So thankful to have been able to create images for Marianna for her campaign with Tresemme! It was so fun rolling with her team and creating content for her blog. Also see some of the images I captured for her in her NYFW Outfit Diary


Day 3:

Backstage with Tresemme

We went backstage with Marianna & Tresemme to the Creatures of Comfort show. One of the highlights of this trip was having a real (and teary lol) moment with amazing souls Marissa Rascon & Audrie Segura backstage while talking about the Dakota Pipeline. Yes fashion, but yes to connections with real people more.


Creatures of Comfort 

NYFW 2017

& this was my favorite piece. 


It also snowed! 

This was my first snow day ever, it was so cool to be able to shoot in this weather. And this shot of Marianna x Tommy Hilfiger was definitely  one of the coolest shots I got at NYFW this season. 


.. and that night,

the La Perla show. 


Day 4:

Backstage with Maybelline

Maybelline is one of the biggest sponsors for NYFW, so I was able to get access to a lot of shows backstage.


Day 5:

Boxing with Adriana Lima, RNB Yoga with Emily Didonato.

That day was a super surreal day where I was just like ... wow I L O V E  my job. I am so thankful I get access to so many cool events and meet so many amazing people! 


Day 6

Top of the Rock


I've never been to the top of the rock before, and I suppose it's fitting that I visited on my best NYFW trip yet. Call me cheesy, but ma, I made it.  


Oh and BRB ...

Off to the Maybelline party. 


Day 6-9

Last but not least, I was part of Maybelline's global campaign to create content for their Netherland's team!!! The remainder of my days was going around NY shooting a mixture of street & portraiture while incorporating  product with an iconic NY backdrop. (Can't show you guys the final photos yet because the campaign will launch in Spring, but here is a preview.)

 Laura Brijde

Laura Brijde

 Elise Boers

Elise Boers


... aaaand that's a wrap!


Going to NYFW was so surreal. To be honest, I was afraid to share on social media why I was in NYFW or who I was with until I was a few days in. You guys ever had a moment where things are so good that you're afraid to talk about it in case it all falls apart? Even now that I'm back in LA and writing this post and looking at all the photos, I still can't believe it happened.


Dreams do come true guys, so dream hard and dream big.