How to Survive a 32-Hour Flight


So ... I'm going to BALI! & guess what? My flight is 32 hours long. But luckily I'm used to long flights from traveling for most of 2015 and 2016.

If you guys are traveling this summer, here are my packing tips to survive a long flight! 


Tip 1: Use this time to take care of your skin

Flights can be super drying because they tend to blast the AC. (So bring socks!) I like to combat the dryness with super hydrating products. See below for my picks. 


1. Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist : This has been my all time favorite mist because it sprays super airy and light, and it smells amazing. It's also incredibly hydrating. I also used to have rosacea so the green tea helps to maintain my redness. 

2. Skinesque Enzyme Washing Powder: Like I had mentioned this in my last blogpost, I like this cleanser because it's gentle and fast-acting. I like that it's brightening because it gives my face an extra boost to look fresh after getting off a plane. (I like to wash my face right before we're about to land.) It's also powder form which means I never have to worry about the liquid leaking out and soaking the rest of my products, making it perfect for travel! 

3. OUAI Finishing Creme: I love this product. The description says "think of it like lotion for your hair" and it can't be more accurate. Because I bleach my hair, I do get dry ends and this is the perfect quick fix to make my hair polished and smooth. 

4. Kiehls Midnight Recover Concentrate: This oil is the holy grail for long flights. It's packed with essential oils and I'm basically just lathering it on my face every other hour. Honestly you'd be surprised by how much it gets absorbed into your skin because it's so dry on the plane. 

5. Kate Somerville Quench Hydrating Face Serum: I just recently started using this serum and I'm already hooked. It actually applies a little bit like oil, so this would be perfect to bring on the plane to soak into my skin. But I would bring it anyway just because it applies like silk to my face. Just sayin. 

6. Bliss Triple Oxygen Eye Mask: I'm way too embarrassed to use a full on sheet mask. Especially in today's political climate I think I'll hold off. But these eye masks from Bliss is perfect because they're not only super easy to use but they're also for under eye circles. So if you're sitting in economy and can't fall asleep, these masks is a must have for those post long flight dark circles. 


Tip 2: What you bring as entertainment will be your life

I like to work on photos and zone out with a good book more than watching movies on the plane. So what I bring with me will greatly determine if I have a good time or not on the plane.

1. Kinfolk Vol 15 Entrepreneurial Edition: I picked this up at The Last Bookstore in DTLA a few weeks ago and I've been hooked ever since. But I still haven't finished it, so my goal is to finish it by the time my trip is over.

Listen to this: 

(An entrepreneur is defined as) "Someone who has courage in their convictions, as well as the wisdom to listen when the details don’t always go according to plan—and then changing them as a result. You need to hold the big picture’s convictions at the same time as tweaking and tweaking the small details until they’re right—it’s having the energy of both the long-distance runner and the sprinter."

You guys need to get this book. Period. 

2. Sudio Regent headphones: I'm SO excited to use them on the plane, you guys don't even understand. The most annoying thing on the plane is having to untangle yourself from your headphones as you get up to go pee. (Especially from the window seat.) These headphones are wireless and operate on bluetooth! I switched out the caps for marble caps to make them look more sexy. They also fold into a more compact form so I can fit it into my makeup bag no problem. Obsessed! 

3. Janet Gwen Designs Marble Laptop & Phone Case: You can't travel unless you have a marble laptop case. How else will you get a cute Instagram hotel bed shot? I rest my case. I love these by Janet Gwen because they're handpainted and made to order. She's a true artist--when these arrived in the mail I even got a card with the #girlboss. Love! 


Tip 3: Get some Z's and start fighting jetlag on the plane

If I know I'm going to be landing at 7am, I'll go to sleep on the plane and wake up when we land so I'm already adjusting my internal clock for the time change. Don't stay awake if you know you land and have a full day ahead of you! And similarly, don't sleep on the plane if you land at night! Drinking wine usually helps me fall asleep if I can't sleep, and watching movies usually helps me stay awake. 

I've traveled enough where I know that it takes a lot of pre-planning to take the stress out of it. Plan ahead to know what you're going to be doing on the plane and plan ahead to adjust to the new time zone. Look up the local customs and learn a few phrases. Trust-- a little prep goes a long way. 


& do you guys have any Bali recommendations for me? Share with me in the comments!