Make Art

I keep coming back to this notion of making art time and time again when looking for authenticity. Making art is something that I've done since I was a child. Before I knew how to read I was already drawing I think. Or maybe they both happened simultaneously and that's why I'm so drawn to the blog/journal format. Lately, the more I shoot, the more I desire art. I desire content that is different. I go through so much content in a day like you wouldn't believe. I alone have 3 channels to upkeep: my personal Instagram, @Rosalie.Agency and my barely there youtube channel. That's not even including all my clients and their different content needs. But the more content I create, the more I feel the need to create content that is for me.

Content creation is my job, but making art is my passion.

So my new personal goal is to make more art this year. I like creating depth in my stories. I think there is something more beautiful in something that in unexpectedly so. I'm craving expression that comes from within---whatever form it may end up being, as long as it is authentic and passionate. It doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be you. That's what I'm learning in these past few months. 


So nurture your creativity. Nurture your artistry and trust that it will take you to where you're meant to go.