What a Photographer Should Wear on Set


One of the most valuable photography lessons I learned was not to dress like crew. And by crew I mean dress too casual because you're behind the camera. Like I had mentioned in my previous post, 7 things a photographer needs to have, you’re not just crew—you’re the leader of your set, so dress for that role. 

I often get lazy and more often than not you'll see me on set with my hair tied back and messy without makeup, but I've learned my lesson to not wear leggings (or booty shorts) on set. Here are 3 things I stick to when dressing for set: 

1. Comfort

I don't think "don't dress like crew" means you need to go all out and wear heels on set. (Though believe it or not, my teachers and friends from photography school will remember me showing up to sets in 5-inch Jeffrey Campbell heels. True story.) I now prioritize comfort when I'm dressing for a set day because I know I'm going to be moving around all day. And often times I might need to get low while shooting so this means no tight pants or anything crazy that restricts my movement. I stick to jeans with stretch or pants and either flats or sneakers. 

2. Chic

I'm obsessed with this silk bomber from DSTLD and I think it's a great staple to add to a photographer's "uniform." It's an understated jacket that looks super sleek and is light and airy to wear while moving around on set. Especially since I shoot in LA, it's perfect to wear over a t-shirt. Keep your pieces subtle and simple when you're on set. When I say "don't dress like crew," I'm not asking you to show up with a Gucci purse. I'm saying ditch the sweatshirt for a silk bomber jacket. 

3. Professional

I think the last thing is to always keep it professional. It's super easy to cross personal and professional lines on set in our line of work, especially since photography can be so casual. But remember that you're on a job, even if the shoot involves inflatable swan floaties in a pool. (The swan came later.)


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(Btw I'm a size S petite & I thought it fit very well.)