5 Beauty products Every Girl Needs To Pack on Vacation

Since I work so much in the beauty industry, I've also adopted a very serious skincare routine over the past few years from what I learned while working for Chriselle and other beauty clients.  Not to mention it makes more sense to make sure my skin is naturally healthy and glowy instead of relying on makeup to cover up my blemishes. I'm also just incredibly lazy when it comes to wearing makeup. 

Not to mention it makes more sense to make sure my skin is naturally healthy and glowy instead of relying on makeup to cover up my blemishes.

So naturally, the most important thing to me when packing for vacation are my skincare products. (For clothes I typically just pack a half empty suitcase to make room for the new clothes I'm going to buy there, unless its for work.) Traveling can be so tiring and it's so easy for my skin to get dry because of the different weather or I'm not drinking enough water. So today I'm sharing the 5 beauty products every girl needs to pack on vacation. I've been using these products on my trip to Bali and Korea every day and so far so goooood. 


1. Serums / Oils

I prefer to bring serum & oils when I'm traveling over moisturizers because I feel like they get the job done more when it comes to hydrating and it's also a smaller bottle to pack. 

My favorite serum right now is the Kate Somerville Quench Hydrating Serum. I also mentioned this product in How to Survive a 32-Hour Flight post, but this serum is seriously the best. It applies like an oil (except has a faster drying time) and I love it because it's scent-less. I picked up this new serum from Goldust Beauty Lounge while I was in Bali and it is very similar in application except it has gold flakes in it and smells like roses. And clearly my La Mer oil is a crowd favorite because I'm almost out. 

2. Sunscreen

This goes without saying, but bringing sunscreen is a must. I love this Innisfree sunscreen right now because it's not oily and applies almost matte. On the track of products that protect you from the sun I also included the Glossier balm dot com and a travel size Dove deodorant because let's face it, chapped lips and B.O. is the LAST thing you need on your vacation. 

3. Hair products

I bought this Ouai trial product a while ago to try the products just because I've heard so much about Jen Atkin's new line of products. This is actually one product line where it's not only good marketing but the products actually works. I'm obsessed with the hair creme, it's just the quick fix I need for my super dry ends. Another product that I always have with me (not pictured) is my Olaplex. This is my secret miracle product that I use to keep my blonde hair in a semblance of healthy. 

4. Mist

I never go anywhere without my mists, period. I know that might sound bougie but it's just true. Mists are the first step to my skincare routine (after which is serum, oil & moisturizer.) I bring this with me on the plane too. A quick spritz of mist always does the trick in hydrating my skin and making me feel clean--even if I've been on a plane for hours on end. The one I brought with me is Eco Garden's toning mist. I brought it because it's small and compact but also packs a punch. Eco Garden is a local LA brand and it's paraben free and smells like cucumber and rose! I also love Innisfree's green tea mist & I bought 4 new ones on my trip to Korea this time around. 

5. Masks

I know on vacation it seems unlikely to have time to use masks, but I like to pack eye masks for the plane, at the very least. I recently picked up Goldust Beauty Lounge's gold eyemasks that I'm super excited to use on the plane. I also brought Skinesque's sheet masks to use while in Bali and I'm really glad I did because they're super hydrating. Masks is a way for you to makeup for being lazy on your skincare or if you just need that extra punch of hydrating--so I pack at least one just in case!


Beauty products may seem like an unlikely essential for vacation, but your skin should be the last thing you have to worry about on vacay! Hopefully these packing tips help the next time you guys pack for vacay or even in your general beauty routine!