5 different types of Korean Face Masks You Need to Know


If you guys have been watching my IG stories, you might have noticed that I started doing a face mask every night. I decided to do this because last week ago I was cleaning out my bathroom and feeling so frustrated because I had no room for anything.I didn't realize I was a mask hoarder until that day, but I literally have face masks I bought from Korea years ago that I still haven't used. So I just decided that enough is enough and I'm going to really put my masks to use vs hoarding them under the sink.

It's only been a week and I've already gotten so many compliments on my skin. I finally felt confident enough to go without foundation on a shoot yesterday. I never realized how absolutely dry and dull my skin was until I started doing this--now my skin feels so soft and hydrated. 

"I'm going to really put my masks to use vs hoarding them under the sink ..."

A few people have been asking me what my favorite to use is, but if you watch my IG stories, literally I've been using a different one every night. I think before we talk about what my favorites are (which I'll do in a separate post), it's important to go over what we even have available to us. 

Here are the 5 different types of Korean face masks there are out there! (That I know of so far at least!) 


1. The sheet mask 

Featured: @mishebeauty oozo Hydrolift sheet mask


This particular sheet mask featured in the photo above also happens to be super cool and you have to inject the serum into the mask before you take the sheet mask out of the packaging, but most sheet masks are already pre-soaked with serum.

Korean sheet masks are jam packed with serum/lotion that gets absorbed into your face after 20 minutes. (I usually leave it on until it starts to dry just to get the most out of the mask.) They're a great way to just feed your skin with a highly concentrated amount of hydration and serum. 

This type of sheet mask is the easiest way to feed your skin!


2. Charcoal Mask 

Featured: @Skinesque Brightening Charcoal sheet mask


Not unlike just a regular white colored sheet mask, charcoal sheet masks are a great way to draw out impurities and effectively brighten and hydrate your skin. This Skinesque sheet mask is one of my favorites because it smells so good and the sheet mask is really saturated with serum. My face is practically dripping when I first put the mask on, but afterwards my skin feels amazing. 


3. Rubber Masks 

Featured: @Drjart Firm Lover Rubber Mask


You guys might remember me featuring this mask in my blog review "A Mask a Day with Dr.Jart." I'm a huge fan of these rubber masks because not only are they super fun, but I feel like they're handy for when you need a super intense mask to do the job.

This mask comes with a separate ampoule pack and it's literally the best thing ever. You apply it into your face, and the rubber mask helps to really seal the deal. (The heaviness of these rubber masks also helps to really feel like you're just packing in the ampoule nutrients into your skin.) 


4. Hydrogel Mask 

Featured: @starpack Birds Nest and Gold Hydrogel Mask 


This is one of my favorite face masks that I've ever used because I just love the texture of the hydrogel. It's a much lighter and thinner texture than the rubber mask and this particular mask smells so good. They're super cooling and feels really just like a second skin.

***Currently this particular featured hydrogel mask isn't available in the US--my friend sent me some from Korea! 



5. Point Masks 

Featured: @InnesFree Anti-Aging Eye & Smileline Mask 


I'm obsessed with these little masks (and wish I had bought more while I was in Korea) because they're super duper easy to use. I can use them while I'm editing or on the plane. A full face/sheet mask is great to use, but I love that these particular point masks target site specific areas of the face. 



& For the best results, don't forget to put it in the fridge before you use it! 

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