5 Minute Cooling Night Routine with Dr. Jart

It really hasn't been easy doing a mask a night, especially when I'm so exhausted and there are a million steps to my skincare routine as it is. (7, but still.) As much as I love the effects of a face mask, I find them to be totally cumbersome because it's this huge sheet over my face and I have to be careful in keeping my face up. I'm the type of person that's always going to look for the fastest and easiest way to do something because I'm super lazy. So on nights where you're tired/lazy/whatever, these are the 3 products you need for a quick and cooling 5 minute night routine! 


Step 1: Dermaclear Trans-foam Clay Mask

(Only $15!)

As tedious as it sometimes might be, I've really been loving doing a mask a night. It really just adds a punch to hydrating your face + whatever nutrients and bonus that mask has. This mask promises a "fresh exfoliation" and your face really does feel minty afterwards. The best part? It dries in 3 minutes

Step 2: Cicapair Serum

If there's one thing you need in your beauty routine it would be serum. (For me it's a toss up between essence and serum, but ultimately I think serum wins because it's much more nutritional for your face.) This serum is interesting because it's almost essence-like and absorbs super quickly into your skin. 

Step 3: Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream

Dr Jart's new Cicapair cream is absolutely amazing. It's the creamiest of creams without feeling heavy at all. This cream helps with redness and overall repair to the skin. 



... And done! 5 minutes is all you need. I usually use the La Mer / SK-II moisturizer + eye cream at night so my night time routine tends to feel very heavy before I go to bed. This was a refreshing change while still feeling super effective. And if you desire a heavier touch, Dr.Jart also offers Cicapair night repair mask which I'm actually SUPER obsessed with because it's another quick and easy alternative to doing a sheet mask. 

If you guys do try this, let me know what you think!