What is exfoliation and why you need it:

I wish I could say I got it from my mama ... 

In light of Mother's Day next week, Instagram has suddenly become filled with personal stories of girl's sharing beauty wisdom imparted from their mother. I wish I could say that my mom has imparted a 3 step asian skincare regiment to me and I've carried that wisdom with me into my 20's ... but to be honest, growing up, we were lucky if we had body lotion.  

My mom immigrated to San Francisco from a small village in Southern China when she was 24, and she had me when she was 25. Coming to a new country where you don't know the language and you suddenly have to work + raise a kid + be a wife left her very little time to indulge and devote time to take care of herself. Every cent she made she put into rent, saving for a house, food, and me and my brother's college education. 

The closest to "beauty wisdom" I got from my mama was to wash the rice with cold water so it would make my hand softer, or to scrub a little harder in the shower to "get the dirt off." 

I didn't learn about skincare until I started working in the industry shooting beauty flatlays and subsequently learning about the products that I was shooting. On my Korea trip last year, I brought back face masks and essences for my mom.

It's funny because my mom never taught me the importance of sunscreen. But what she imparted to me was much more valuable.

Watching her tirelessly work to support our family and pay for my college education gave me the drive that brought me to where I am today. I work hard because I want to make enough to spoil her with skincare and provide for her like she did for me growing up. Now I take her to get her nails done and I send her beauty products that I discover that I think she'd like.



#becauseofher, I am where I am today. 

For this Mother's Day, I'm partnering with ORG Skincare to share with you guys their latest innovative skincare products that gives you results immediately! 

Their Oxygen Cleanser is the coolest product I've had the privilege of shooting & trying to this day. It automatically foams once you apply it! 


"Exfoliation involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin's outermost surface." 

ORG's Mineral Peel is a game changer for this reason. My skin feels refreshed after one use, and it's the most satisfying thing to feel the dead skin rub off. 


To use:

1. Spritz across your face (eyes closed!) 

2. Wait 3-5 seconds 

3. Scrub your face in a gentle circular motion and you can feel the dead skin cells falling off your face (pictured on the right) 


Their Body Peel is similar except for your body! 


For Mother's Day, ORG is offering these three amazing products in one easy set! 

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