A Mask a Day with Dr.Jart +

A review of my Dr. Jart masks. 


I picked this mask set up when I was in New York earlier this year in February and I was super excited to try it. 

I've always been a fan of Dr. Jart ever since I was introduced to the brand two years ago. Their branding and packaging is super cool and their sunscreen is one of the best sunscreens I've ever used.  (It also makes your face sparkle like a twilight vampire, but that's neither here nor there.) 

So needless to say, not only was I drawn to these weird rubber masks but I also knew I had something good on my hands. 


Step 1: Apply the ampoule

I really love how the good Korean masks will always include a pack of ampoule for you to put on your face before the mask.

Ampoule is a high concentration of an active ingredient and applies almost like a gelatanous texture. 


Step 2: Apply the mask & wait 30 minutes


Dr. Jart+ Clear Lover:

Didn't see too much results with this one, but my face is pretty clear to begin with. Also as you can see, the mask tore! These rubber masks are heavy and very fragile. 


Dr. Jart+ Moist Lover:

I really liked this one, my face felt so soft and moisturized after. The ampoule definitely helps and my face felt tingly under the mask. This was also the first mask I tried and I was super surprised that the mask was actually blue!

Dr. Jart+ Firming Lover:

I didn't really see a difference with this one, but that might be because I don't need firming just yet. I loveeee the pink though! 

Dr. Jart+ Bright Lover:

This one has to be my favorite. The active ingredient is Brown Seaweed Extract X and I can definitely feel the ampoule tingling underneath the mask. 

Overall I would say I really loved the Moisture & Bright Lover masks. What do you guys think? Have you tried it or will you try it? Share with me in the comments! I would totally do this again with a girlfriend, these masks are so fun! 

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