What is ROSY?


Some of you may have noticed I started using the hashtag #40daysofROSY on Instagram a few weeks ago. 

In a nutshell, #40daysofROSY is a personal Instagram project where I either look for pink things in the world to photograph, or use my savvy photoshop skills to turn things pink. I like the idea of working with a limited color palette. Sometimes working within a constraint actually allows for more room to be creative. 

To be honest, there wasn't really a defined a - b plan to how I exactly arrived at 40 days of Rosy. It was a combination of things that came together and then it just clicked. But I actually prefer it that way. 

I like to think that all great things happen spontaneously and naturally. 

It began one afternoon when my boyfriend convinced me to walk 2 miles from Downtown to Chinatown to get dimsum. (To which I begrudgingly did, for the dimsum.) I had brought my camera and we took pictures along the way.  When we finally got to Chinatown, we discovered that the cherry blossom trees had bloomed. So we took some pictures before going to lunch. (We didn't get dimsum after all.) It was a very nice but ordinary and non-exceptional afternoon, sans the feat of walking almost 5 miles that day.



After I came home and edited the photos, I had this 9-grid of very pink cherry blossom photos to post, and I thought to myself, "How cool would it be to have a pink feed?" I was also doing 40 days of lent at church and I thought it'd be nice to tie lent into my photo project, so 40 days of lent became 40 days of rosy. Ta-da. 

I think sometimes that's the way these things go. You find one thing you like, you follow it and then it leads you down a rabbit hole and suddenly you have a photo project at hand. Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to learn to recognize and welcome it when it finally decides to manifest on a random Saturday afternoon. 

Rosy is an idea I derived from the phrase "seeing the world through rose-colored lenses." 

I suffer from anxiety and oftentimes when my anxiety gets really bad, everything I see is laced with fear and worry.

I like to think that #40daysofROSY is a result of my refusal to let my anxiety get the best of me. I want to see this world with rose-colored lenses, with positivity and joy as Christ has called me to live. 

Rosy is my thesis. No matter what thought patterns  we are predisposed to, I believe that we can transcend beyond our circumstances with a more positive and beautiful outlook. Rosy is what I want to share with the world. I've been doing Rosy for about a month now, and while the 40 days are almost over, I can say with certainty that Rosy is here to stay. 

Welcome to my rosy world and stay tuned for more projects to come! 


- Karen 



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