My goal for this month:

No Snoozing!!!


Might be a little late as this month has already started, but I'm committed to waking up early and getting work done! I've read enough articles of habits of successful people to know they all wake up early. 


I also just love waking up early and getting a ton of work done before it's 10am. Not going to lie, I've been slacking lately and yesterday I even woke up at 1pm. (I know, but it's my privilege as a freelancer lol. And I had worked until 1am the night before.) But this month I really want to train my body to get up at 6am. Or 7am at the latest. 


For those of you who are a snoozer like me, check out this article that my friend David wrote on how to train your body to get out of the habit of snoozing. 


Here's to good habits starting with a good morning


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