Transitioning into a 5-Step Winter Skincare Routine


Since I've been visiting my family in San Francisco for the weekend and experiencing colder temperatures compared to LA, I'm relying on heavier creams and new additions to my skincare routine to keep my skin hydrated and happy. Sharing with you guys my new 5 step winter skincare routine that I'm transitioning into! 


Step 1: Toner/Essence

I never go anywhere without my SK-II clear lotion and essence. Ever since discovering this brand when I was in Korea a few months ago, I'm hooked. The toner aka clear lotion helps clean my skin from any extra makeup I didn't wash off and the essence helps prime my pores for the nutrients from my next steps. If you forego toner, do NOT forgo essence, which is what I've been doing recently. (Hence only 1 step for this one, though it's technically two.)

These are essentials to start your skin routine no matter the season! I also love these trial size versions because they're so travel friendly and I always carry them with me.


Step 2: Serum

I talked about this serum in my "The difference between Emulsion and Serum" post, and this serum is still my favorite. Serum is important because once essence has primed your skin, consider serum just a liquid concentration of nutrients for your skin. Linking below the Shangpree serum + a few alternatives! 


Step 3: Oils 

Here's where the difference where my spring skincare differs from my winter skincare. This whole year I've been forgoing my oils just because it felt a bit too much for my skin and I was getting more oily during the day. But I really do love oils because it feels more natural for the skin, and when I was using heavy and rich oils like the Kiehls midnight oil or the Korres Pine oil, I would actually forego moisturizer because the oil already felt moisturizing enough. I'm currently using the Honest Beauty facial oil (which I like but not a fan of the smell), but I'm linking below a few additional recommendations of a few oils I've tried that I super super loved. 


Step 4: Moisturizer 

In addition to adding an oil, during the winter I will switch to a heavier cream for my moisturizer (especially at night). I'm currently obsessed with this little sample size of the SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge cream-- it has a gelatinous texture that feels like it's filling in all the fine lines of my skin and brightens and boosts it. Because I don't have enough of the SK-II cream, I only use a tiny bit in conjunction with my La Mer cream during the night. (I got the cream from a La Mer party I once attended to shoot.) If these products are out of your budget, I've linked more affordable options below. Sometimes I switch off with the Dr Jart cream and I really like it as well-- feels light despite the thick creaminess so it doesn't feel heavy and can be worn during the day!


Step 5: Eye Cream 

And last but not least, eye cream! I never thought I needed this until I hit my mid 20's and I learned that I needed to start using eye cream to protect and maintain the skin around my eyes while they're still good. I switch on and off between the Honest Beauty Eye Depuffer (lighter and cooler for the morning) and the SK-II eye cream (thicker) at night. 




& there you have it! This + doing a mask every night (as seen on my IG stories @karen.rosalie) will ensure a happy hydrated face despite the winter season! 


** Shot with natural light on a Canon 6D 24-105mm around sunset hour

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