3 Shower Rituals I Always do to Save Time


Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted--- but if you've been catching up with me on IG (@karen.rosalie), then you'd know that I recently moved in to my new studio (!!!) and I've been so busy getting it set up and ready.

I'm going to be making a pretty big announcement in the upcoming week .. but meanwhile be sure to follow my new IG @rosalie.studios to keep up to date with us! 

I've been pretty behind on my blogposts, but this particular one was one that I was super excited about sheerly because who ever talks about what they do in the shower?

I like things to be super efficient so while I know showering for some is a calming and relaxing space to zone out, I like to get busy in the shower with my beauty routines. I'm the type of person who is always looking for the fastest way to do something to save time, so here are 3 shower rituals I always do to save time! 

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1. Deep Condition/Hair Mask 

This is literally my saving grace and holy grail product. If it wasn't for Olaplex, my hair would be crisps now. This is really the one product that helps strengthen and heal my super bleached out hair--I would highly recommend it. I go through a giant bottle every two months. (You can't buy this 17.75fl oz retail-- I bought it off my hairstylist, but you can buy the smaller version on Amazon.)

I'm not really the type to stand around for things (probably because my attention span sucks) so I like to do this FIRST, and let it sit in my hair while I do other things, like shave my legs. 


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2. Double Cleanse

I'm a huge fan of double cleansing -- and I like to do this in the shower because I can conveniently (and easily) wash my face after. My favorite is the Elizabeth Dehn (organic) Cleansing Oil because it immediately breaks down my makeup, and I like to follow it up with a gentle cleanser from SK-II. 


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3. Brush my Teeth!

I've done this ever since I was in high school-- it's just so much easier and faster to brush my teeth in the shower rather than wait another 2 minutes to do it over the sink. Yes, I'm THAT time stringent. (But let's not talk about the amount of time I waste on IG every night lol.) I'm also a huge advocate for dental hygeine-- I brush, floss AND use mouthwash in the shower. And BTW if you're not using an electronic toothbrush yet, you really should. It cleans up to 10x the plaque! Do yourself a favor and get yourself a Sonic toothbrush this holiday.


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What are some shower rituals you guys do to save time? (Let's keep it PG though lol.)