The Plaza Seoul, Autograph Collection


After being in Bali by myself for a few days, I finally met up with my best friend Rebecca and we went to Seoul! I haven't been to Seoul since Seoul Fashion Week almost two years ago (the time goes by so quickly) and last time I went for work so I didn't have a chance to really explore Korea.

Traveling for work is oftentimes a frantic cramming of work and play in a short amount of days, so I was very excited to go back this time and spend more time in my favorite places doing my favorite things (eating and shopping). My most favorite thing about the city is how much shopping and good food there are so this trip was dedicated to restocking my beauty cabinet with Korean skincare products and eating as much kal-guksu as I possibly can. And the best part? Having a Korean bff to translate! (Although I was pleasantly surprised by how many Chinese tourists there were, to the point where I could speak Mandarin to at least one sales associate.)  

We stayed at the Plaza Hotel Autograph Collections across from city hall for the 3 nights that we were in Seoul. It turned out to be the perfect location because we could just walk to Myeong Dong for shopping and food! 

As we get older it's easy to get wrapped up in the day to day, and the concept of a "best friend" becomes archaic, a relic from high school. Rebecca and I have known each other since post college and we navigated through the messiness and turmoil of our early 20's together. She just recently got married but I'm so glad we were able to do a trip before she settled into the next chapter of her life. Life goes by too quickly but here's a reminder that it can be SEOUL GOOD. 

Happy Wednesday! 

- Karen