5 LA Summer Essentials


There's a huge LA heatwave is this weekend--are you guys ready? I moved to LA 6 years ago for UCLA. Up until then, my conception of LA was ... nothing. Even while I was in school, I stayed in my bubble at Westwood and rarely ventured out. I didn't have a car back then or knew how to drive until after college, believe it or not. What I did know about LA in comparison to SF was that it was hot. Ask anyone from the bay about LA and the weather is one of the first things they'd bring up. Oddly enough, I love it. I love the heat. I wore shorts for the first time when I moved to LA and it was revolutionary. The heat is actually one of the reasons I'd cite as to why I chose to stay down here after graduation. 

 After 6 years of living in LA, here are my 5 essentials to survive this Angelino heat!


1. Get a tropical print Swimsuit 

I recently got this swimsuit and I'm obsessed. I know I've been on a pink feed on Instagram but truth be told, I'm starting to get a little green obsessed. If you ask me, I think that's the next color. 

Shop: http://bit.ly/2rJetD2 


2. Sunscreen 

What to know about sunscreen: 

1. Get "broad spectrum" SPF 30.

Broad spectrum means it protects against UVA rays which causes cancer and dark spots. If it doesn't say that, mine says SPF PA++, then it only protects against UVB, which causes redness and sunburn. SPF does not protect you entirely from the sun--you need a sunscreen that says "broad spectrum" for the whole package. Which means I need to actually get a new and more effective sunscreen. 

2. Don't be stingy and apply every 2 hours.

After reading up on sunscreens to write this post for you guys I'm realizing I need a new and better sunscreen since mine doesn't say broad spectrum. Here are some brands I've heard amazing things about and really want to try. I've tried the Supergoop sunscreen only and I think I'm going to get that again but the Estee Lauder day cream looks amazing too. Have you guys tried any sunscreens you'd recommend? 

 Estee Lauder $54

Estee Lauder $54

 Tatcha $65

Tatcha $65

 Supergoop $19

Supergoop $19


3. Sparkling water 

I prefer still water over sparkling, but on a super hot day, opting for a cold sparkling definitely hits the spot. I like this Voss glass sparkling water too--it's cucumber lemon flavored. I picked it up at a gas station on my drive down from SF to LA and now it's a flatlay prop.


4. Hat & Sunnies

That are photogenic of course. I'm combining these because I use them in conjunction whenever I go outside. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from UV light that can damage your eyes. Not to mention it keeps you from squinting. If I'm out in DTLA to run errands or shooting outdoors, you'd almost always catch me wearing a cap. Having a great sunscreen isn't enough to protect against the UV rays, so don't forget your hat when you're outside!


5. Coconut Oil 

I picked up this Lalicious The Oil last month and I'm hooked. It's a blend between coconut oil, marula oil and macadamia nut oil. The combination of these oils are super hydrating and absorbent. This product also has anti aging benefits & is paraben free.

I love this--it's my secret weapon for hydrated and glowing legs. It also smells like cookies!


I feel like reading this post it makes it sound like I've had these essentials forever, but honestly it's only been in the past year since I've become more conscious about the LA sun and how to protect myself. These are actually essentials I wish I had known when I first moved down to LA. I definitely wish I had started using broad spectrum sunscreen in college! Do you guys have any tips for surviving the LA heatwave? Share with me in the comments!