3 Easy Tips to Shoot a Beautiful Flatlay


I started shooting flatlays three years ago when I shot all the beauty tip posts on The Chriselle Factor, so needless to say, I got a ton of practice. I've always loved composition and collaging when I was in art school, so flatlays are also a way for me to still practice my creativity. Earlier this month I decided to congregate all my flatlays into one hashtag (#rosalieflatlays) so I could see them altogether. It's so crazy seeing how much my work has evolved in the past few years. I used to be obsessed with shadows (and I still am, as seen in this post) but I love these softer flatlays as well. 

"I've always loved composition and collaging when I was in art school ..."

I always get asked how I shoot my flatlays, so today I'm sharing my 3 easy tips (tried and tested) to shoot a beautiful flatlay! 




Tip 1. Set your products on a bed

Deciding on a background should really be the first step of planning for any flatlay. Will you set it on a bed or marble countertop or just a plain white board? Whatever you choose for the background can play such an important part in the vibe of a photo. If I had set this on a dark wooden floor for example, this flatlay might feel moodier rather than light and airy. 

I love seeing products placed on a bed because it instantly gives the flatlay a more lifestyle and organic element. The whole point of a flatlay is to mimic what you might see in every day life so that's why flatlays on a bed is so popular--I'm sure every girl can relate to coming home and throwing their bag on the bed. (Maybe not Gucci though.) 


Tip 2. Shoot by a window  

Lately I've been using my 800 Watt Alien Bee & 5 ft Softbox to shoot my flatlays because I want them to look more crisp, but if not, I would opt for a bright light source like a window to shoot by. I usually prefer doing a flatlay by the window just because it's super easy and quick without having to set up my lights. Not to mention, it's a huge light source that you don't need to spend money on!


Tip 3. Add flowers

Props are really the most important element to a flatlay. I wanted this flatlay to be relatively simple just because it's Gucci, and do you really need any other props if you've got Gucci?

On the real though, the more elevated the props, the more elevated your flatlay will look. Imagine if there were daisies instead of peonies. This flatlay would feel cute rather than beautiful and sophisticated. I always tell my clients when we're planning a flatlay shoot with Rosalie Agency that props can make or break your flatlay. 

Some of our best flatlays is with our clients, Marianna Hewitt, because she always preps the best props. When I shot this flatlay for her, she told me she had bought the sign from Etsy, and she's always looking for props! So don't be lazy about your props--a good flatlay takes time and consideration. Ask yourself, who is the girl you're trying to reach and what kind of props/products would she like? 


& that's my 3 tips to make a beautiful flatlay! Good luck!