How to Create a Cohesive & Stunning Instagram Feed


Ever since I launched Rosalie Agency in March, our most in-demand service has been to help clients curate and elevate their Instagram feeds. (Click here to find out more about this service.) The million dollar question in this day and age is "How do I grow my Instagram," but what I tell my clients is that the first step even before they implement marketing strategies is they first need to create a strong brand image and identity. A user won't subscribe to your brand if it doesn't have a strong and instantly recognizable aesthetic. Plain and simple. 

First impressions are everything, and your Instagram feed is no different. The first thing I do when I land on a page is check out their content. Even if it's a brand that I might be interested in, if their feed  is mostly low quality user generated content, then I probably wouldn't follow them. 

"... they first need to create a strong brand image and identity."

The first thing to capturing a user's interest is to captivate them with stunning and elevated feed. So today I'm spilling the beans on what I do to get my clients started and best practices I've learned along the way. 

Whether you're an influencer or a brand, here are 5 tips and tricks you can implement to create a cohesive and stunning Instagram feed! 




1. Start with keywords and a mood board


The fastest way to know where you're going is to have a destination in mind. (Amiright?) Before I shoot with a client, I always ask for a mood board. Even if your feed is nowhere near where you want it to be, having examples of a feed that you love/admire is going to help you stay focused and centered on creating similar content. Not to mention it comes in handy when you run out of ideas! Pinterest and using IG hashtags is a great way to immediately look for outfit/product photo inspos. Don't be afraid to take advantage of the bookmarking tool on Instagram and create folders for images you want to create so you always have them saved. I use this tool a lot for product images I see and cute travel destinations! 

A lot of the clients that Rosalie works with can be described with keywords like "elevated, luxury, sophisticated, chic, feminine" because that's also our speciality. But I love it when clients come to me with keywords like "minimal, green and lifestyle."

This is a sample feed of images we did for our recent client, Lash Food using those keywords! (This is different right? But I'm obsessed.) 


2. Use the same filter


I created this grid on @karen.rosalie when I was in Paris last year using a combination of the Hypebeast filter on VSCO and Snapseed. I was really into a feminine, dark and moody look last year, so I ran all my photos through this filter to get that look. (Even if I edited a photo on my computer, I would apply at least a 10% Hypebeast filter on it before I posted it on IG just to maintain the colors.) 

Using the same color toning across all your images will help greatly help in creating a cohesive feed. Even if it's a different type of image (like a landscape photo vs a selfie), it can still feel cohesive with the same color toning.

Lighting also makes a huge difference in determining the mood of the photos. If you look at the feed below, everything is very overcast so it helped to create and contribute to that moody vibe. If I were to describe this feed, it would be with the following keywords: dark, feminine, moody. Done and done. (How would you describe my feed now?) 



3. Switch it up- Variety is key

I love Instagram feeds that are purely dedicated to one theme, but this can get old fast. Some people might disagree with me on this, and I'm not discrediting feeds that are pure flatlays/beauty/fitness/xyz. But even if your feed is dedicated to flatlays, try mixing it up with a different background or instead of using the same old marble texture, try swapping it out for a colored background or changing up the angle. 

I'm not saying you should totally switch things up, but doing something different can't hurt once in a while! The name of the game of this generation is what's the next new thing. So keep pushing the boundaries of your creativity to keep things fresh and new! 

Rosalie is currently on a green feed, but this was after I experimented with a white & pink grid. I love doing these color blocks on Rosalie's Instagram because it shows not only our versatility in style, (we're not only limited to pink, people!) but it's a way for me to showcase all my different work. Follow us at @Rosalie.Agency



4. Consistently Post 

Consistent content can engage and grow followers because users will know you're active, but it's also great practice to improve your eye for content. I usually recommend posting at least once a day and at the same time so that your followers will know when to expect a post from you. 

Use your Instagram analytics to find out what the best time of day to post are! (You will need a Facebook page to connect to your IG first.) 


5. Plan it out 

I absolutely need to plan out my grid because I like to play with the grid and do triptychs or stack photos on top of each other. (See grid above!)

A few apps you can use to lay out your grid before posting are Planoly, Unum, and Preview. They all do the same thing, but my favorite is Preview because I like the interface and UX the most. Laying out your photos before you post them ensures that you can see how the photos look next to each other before you post them. 


Do you guys have any tips for how you manage your IG account? Share with me in the comments below! & be sure to follow @karen.rosalie and to stay up to date with our latest content!