Women's March in LA


Although I couldn't see her face, there was something very intense in her mannerisms and body language. I stopped her to ask if I could take a photo. I love this photo because these eyes could have been any one of us. I like the anonymity of these eyes because at the end of the day this march was for us--women of different shapes, size and color. 


There was a girl burning sage during the march.

Someone asked her, "Is that a flaming tampon?"




Two years ago I arrived in Paris right after the Charlie Hebdo attack. The city was somber and laced with fear. There was even a bomb threat at the theater next to my hotel. But as frightening as it was being in the city at the time, I'm glad I was there because I was able to participate in the march of millions for Charlie Hebdo. I'll never forget the way everyone chanted in unison for the lives lost, it was truly a testament to the unbreakable human spirit. 

Today I marched alongside thousands of women for the Women's March in LA. It was so inspiring to see so many voices in solidarity for the same cause. I'm proud because today I marched with my country. I've never been particularly politically charged in any way shape or form, but it wasn't until my rights as a woman was challenged and disrespected by our now president that I became painfully aware that we can't take what we have for granted. 

Let's not forget that the freedom we have now is due to the suffering and courage of our colored and immigrant predecessors. I'm sharing this because I believe in building a positive future not only for myself, my community but also for our future children. American is and should be a country that leads by example in compassion, equality and acceptance. Let's move forward in love and show the world that we are not a divided nation. 

- Karen 


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