Q & A - How to break the ice with models, What photo apps I use ...


Questions sent over Snapchat @karenrosalie


Maneet: Can you tell me good photo editing apps for iOS & Android? 

I typically do all of my edits on LR & PS, but when I want to just post a very casual photo without having to pull out my laptop, I use VSCO, Snapseed and MeituPic. 

What I do on VSCO

1. Add a filter (A6 / S1)-  I used to use HB1 & 2 obsessively because I loved that high contrast blue tone to all my images, but now I prefer A6 or S1 because it's warmer and more subdued. 

1. Add Highlights +5 to bring details back into the white

2. Add sharpen +5 - ALWAYS add sharpen

3. Rotate image to straighten out the lines - My biggest pet peeve is crooked lines. It's a sign of sloppiness. 

What I do on Snapseed

1. I like to use their shadows feature (under tune image) and increase my darks because I like my darks to be super black. 

2. I like their selective tool because I can select certain parts of the image to make it desaturated. I like to do this especially for my whites to make them whiter. 

3. Their ambiance feature is good too for bringing back details into the image. 

What I do on Meitu

1. The only thing I use this for is their liquifying tool (located under retouch>slimming.) This is useful for creating a stronger jawline or shaping people. 


Lorizzle: Hey Karen my question is how can I get more "open" to models during a shooting? How do you break the ice? 

It's important to always have good energy on set. "Breaking the ice" starts the moment you get on set. While the MUA is getting the model ready, that's your time to talk to everyone on set and get to know everyone a little bit better. And no matter how experienced your model is, giving them feedback always helps to make everyone feel comfortable that the shoot is going in the right direction. Sayings like, "let's do more of this," "this isn't really working for me" "yes this is amazing" can go a long way. Be confident in your vision and don't be afraid to push for the shot you want. Don't forget to have fun too, laughing will keep the mood light! 


Krupal: I wanted to ask what do you like about photography

Everyone sees the world a little differently, and I love how I can share my perspective using photography. My world is the Rosalie world, where girls embrace their feminity and fragility while exuding confidence and sexiness.  


Ccthicke: If my dream job is to make (film/edit) music videos for a living ... what would you recommend I study in college? 

Business! With the abundance of youtube tutorials and online resources, I think we can learn any craft as long as we dedicate time to learning. Having a strong background in business will definitely give you an advantage over other creatives. 

Alice: 1. With a lot of editing apps or PS/LR these days, how do you maintain consistencies of style for your own Instagram? (I've recently decided to create a portfolio of photos starting from Instagram.) Also, how do you know what kind of pictures to take for your own Instagram/portfolio?

2. What books or suggestions would you give to someone who's about to learn Photoshop and Lightroom? 

I think no matter what program I use to edit my photos, I still maintain elements that remain consistent with my editing style. I always edit for dark shadows, soft feminine colors, warm tone, sharp crispy edges no matter what the photo is. 

In regards to knowing what photos to take for your feed, think about your branding and what people want to get immediately when they land on your page. For example, "Karen Rosalie" is a female photographer, so I try to mix my feed with BTS photos of me shooting & my work. But I would never post a photo of my food because people don't follow me to know what I eat. If it's your portfolio feed, I would keep it to just work that is relevant to your clients. 

Scott Kelby's Retouching book is a really good resource for beginners. I learned by interning for other photographers and studying other photographer's work that I really like and trying to recreate it on my own. There are a ton of youtube videos you can watch as well, by searching How to Edit Skin or How to do Split Toning. Google is literally a photographer's best friend!


Thank you all for your questions & trusting me to answer them! If you guys have any additional things you'd like me to answer, leave me a comment below! I'd love to do a series of Q&A for you guys. Happy Monday!



Gear Used: 

Canon 6D


Natural sunlight from window 

White seamless backdrop


Products Featured: 

Miu Miu Sunglasses

Kinto Carat Teapot

Kinto Unitea glass cup

Vogue 100 : A Century of Style