Why I Mask at Least Once a Week

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If you guys follow me on IG, you might remember there was a time period where I was doing a mask a night. Though that was one of my more ambitious endeavors, that was also the week where my skin has never looked better. I love masking because sometimes when I have full day shoots on location or I'm traveling, it really takes a toll on my skin. Masks are a great way to restore hydration and nutrients back into my skin. It's just as important to be consistent with your skincare as it is to use good quality products. Hence ... Instytutum.

This beauty company is a beauty company that blends both science and beauty. Through a series of conversations with different people, I've become very inspired to be more intentional about what products I bring on my beauty shelf now, and even more intentional about what ingredients I'm putting on my face. The ingredients in this face mask are Peptide Argireline, Collagen Matrix, and Botanical Complex, all ingredients designed to help bond, hydrate and revitalize your skin. 

Engineered in a Swiss lab, Instytutum's mantra is designed with one thing in mind: flawless skin. 

This mask in particular cites clinical studies that women can see immediate results. I was skeptical at first but I really did notice an improvement in skin tone and hydration. If you're new to masking, I'd definitely recommend this product as your intro to masking because it's really nice to use (I prefer gel masks over sheet masks) and it's effective.

Happy masking! 

Get the mask here.