Hello 2018 and Updates


I'm a bit late on the New Year post and the coinciding resolutions, but at least I'm consistent. I think I was late last year as well. 🤷 (Hands down my most favorite emoji of 2017 btw.) 

This year is off to a deceptively slow start. I've spent the last two weeks in PJs and shooting here and there. But mostly I've been relishing in this extended break before it becomes really busy again. I've taken the time to redo my website-- so now you can see there are 3 categories I will be creating posts for: Photography, Beauty and Mental Health. These are all topics that I'm passionate about so stay tuned for more! I've been shooting and planning posts in the past two weeks so there are definitely some exciting things coming your way. 

A few other updates.. the biggest would be my studio. Click it out if you haven't already! I'm also going to Paris in two weeks and NYFW in Feb. There are also a few more exciting travel destinations coming up very soon in my calendar but I'll keep mum about it until it gets closer to the date. 

Anyway, in regards to resolutions and everything.. this is the first year I haven't really sat down and written them down. I think I've just been busy living in the moment. I feel like in this year I already know all the things I want to work on-- my agency and my studio. And my self

So here's to 2018 and I can't wait to have another year with you guys. 





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