What I'm Packing for NYFW F2017

The end of summer means it's time for NYFW again! Here are my fall essentials for this season's NYFW. 



My Mains// 

1. Canon 6D: I love this camera because it has similar specs to a Mark 3 without the heavy titanium body. Not to mention it's way lighter! 

2. 24-105mm: I would highly recommend this lens just because it's a "do everything" lens and can capture both wide + tight shots without having to carry multiple lenses. 

3. 13inch macbook laptop 8gb ram (with @janetgwendesigns marble case): I'd love to upgrade to a 15in macbook for the bigger screen but I love how compact and portable this laptop is. If you're a photographer in the market for a new laptop, I recommend not going cheap on the specs and upgrading to the highest ram and processor possible. You're going to be processing so many high res raw files, you need a beast to handle all the images. 

4. Seagate 1TB Harddrive: Absolutely essential. I love the Seagate brand because it's been the most sturdy hard drive I've ever had.  



1. Extra battery + battery charger

2. Extra SD cards 32gb

3. 320EX Flash & batteries




I love love love face mists. My face feels so dry after traveling--I could really use a good spritz after the long plane ride. For those of you guys who have been following along with my adventures lately on IG, you might remember that I was in Paris not too long ago. (Literally 3 days ago.) I had actually flown back from Paris, landed in LA, and flew out to NY on a red eye the next day. I was jet lagged and sleep deprived and I noticed that when I had gotten off the plane my rosacea was acting up. I get really red spots on the side of my cheeks so this cooling mist from @littlebarnapocathery really helped. Not to mention their branding is super sleek and cool. Their Voyage Pulse Point Aromatherapy Roller Ball is also great for a small mental detox from the crowds of NYFW. (Or after you get off a 5 hour smelly plane.) 

These are the items I'm packing in my small leather backpack. I don't love carrying a ton of items when I'm shooting so the key here is really just to keep things light. 

If you're a new photographer wondering what gear to bring for NYFW--I hope this list was helpful. Really I just have my laptop + camera, but that's really all you need. The key thing for NYFW is to bring your creativity because there are literally hundreds of photographers all shooting the same thing here. Your creativity will be what sets you apart! 

Follow my NYFW adventures on my IG @karen.rosalie!  

(Or my professional work @rosalie.agency)