A pink portrait series that seeks to empower women in their femininity. 

For Vol 3, we continued with the motif of "rosy" pink as the ultimate symbol of femininity. For this series I wanted to explore confidence and strength in beauty looks that are often associated with a softer female profile. 

We are women that are multifaceted in our tastes and aesthetic. We are confident and strong. We can also rock a strong pink lip and glitter. Femininity is not one dimensional. 

I hope this series will continue to inspire girls to embrace their femininity because femininity is ferocity, strength and sass.

Own it, rock it, stay rosy. 


Images produced by Rosalie Agency.


Special thanks to: 

🎥 Videographer: @dreamingrebelle
💋 Model: @lilymcbeath
💄MUA: @muse_mua
👚Stylist: @eunique_kollection